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The Military enters new markets first on social before they step foot on the ground (my source is Timothy Hughes). Do you think your first point of contact with an unfamiliar connection should be through social engagement? If the Special Air Service (SAS) is engaging on LinkedIn, so should you be?

Companies are now tendering through LinkedIn. If your profiles do not appear to have the experience that the potential buyer is looking for, you will not receive the tender document. Like recruiters, your buyers and customers will view your profile and judge your expertise by it.

Your name and a title are not a good enough reason to stimulate engage. What do you do when you receive a business card, you look the contact up on LinkedIn.  What does your LinkedIn in profile say about you? Would your business profile win an opportunity to tender and pitch, or not?

Clearly, not having the right social collateral representing your unique brand is a problem, not only for your company but for your ideal customer.  Your buyer will not find your expertise and your customers will not continue to build the trusted relationship with your expert brand.

Your customers are only interested in you if they believe you can solve their specific problem. Your customers and potentials buyers are searching online to find the match of expertise that their perceived are problem solvers.

So often customers look for a specific solution to their problem, that the expert supplier believes will not solve the customer’s specific problem, what do you do?

  • Give the customer what they want
  • Give the customer what they need to solve the problem
  • Build the relationship so you both gain a deeper understanding of the wants, educate them on the options available and together devise the solution the meets their specific need.

The biggest, better, faster, cheaper, is no longer a reason to buy. Your product must have customer relevance.  To do this you have to do the research and investigative work prior to and during the engagement process.

Scale Your Sales Attraction created the system of Engagement, Education, and Elevation, which delivers a Win-Win for your sales team, the business, and your customer.

The Scale Your Sales 8 Win-Win Attraction Strategies

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