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“Seeing my words influence sales professionals to grow in confidence and change behaviours; getting the exact results they want, is energising.  There is nothing more rewarding than feeling the energy in a packed room or virtual space.  I love to draw out engagement, to create an authentic connection, and present new and insightful takeaways, so they get astonishing results."

Being the only black family in a village in Leicestershire in the 70s, her teachers didn’t have high aspirations for Janice.  They advised her to become a nurse, like her Mum, or a cook. Worse still, they told her she wasn’t intelligent enough to do A-Levels. 

This inspired the 15-year-old Janice to develop a healthy disrespect for authority; she simply didn't believe it was the truth. She went on to do her A-levels anyway, and then a degree, and to top it all, an Executive MBA at the Cranfield School of Management.

Peter Jones and Janice B Gordon Sage Business Influencer

She’s worked with and in different cultures as a sales rep. She knows what it takes to be successful in sales because she’s done it!  Janice worked for ten years in the financial services sector and she sold designs in the US and Europe.


Janice worked in Botswana and Southern Africa as a project manager and then as an innovation and customer experience consultantShe also helped grow a construction company from £1 million to £4 million sales revenue. Janice has both business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales experience. In 2006 Janice run her own restaurant and bar, growing it from scratch to a hugely successful multi-award-winning business.

In 2013, Janice became a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management and helped increase revenue for many of their clients. For one client, this meant an increase in revenue of 100% to $12 million in only nine months, using strategic account management strategies.

Janice has published over 400,000 words of insightful content, conducted business research, created and delivered 100's of bespoke masterclass and presentations across three continents. This experience has led Janice to create the customer led. Scale Your Sales framework, which she delivers to some of the world’s leading businesses.

Janice B Gordon Strategic Accounts Sales Speaker


Learning Solutions Sales DIrector, Cambridge sales University Press 2015

It was the energy that Janice injected into the room...that made such an impact on all of the delegates learning experiences. I encountered Janice’s skills on the Key Account Management training programmes. When Janice arrived, the delegates were at the end of an intense week. Being able to energise was crucial to bringing the delegates on-board to the techniques. Janice’s ability to carry people with her was critical to the sales teams learning outcomes.


Legal Practitioner, TEDX Event Organiser 2015

"Janice is an inspiring individual with a work ethic second to none. She was able to prepare her talk within a limited amount of time, in consonance with the theme of our event, and deliver it with poise, confidence and passion, in an informative, engaging and stimulating manner. Her talk particularly inspired the audience and made positive remarks about her during the networking breaks. These all lend proof to the fact that she is extremely competent, efficient, has a superb ability to work under pressure and is open to taking on a challenge. I would not hesitate to recommend Janice; she is indeed a rare gem."


Director, Blue Eyed Sun and Ivy Elle 2016

"Janice and I were the only two British Sage Business Experts flown over to Chicago to speak at their global Sage Summit. I was lucky enough to witness first hand why Sage had booked Janice. She is an engaging, compelling speaker who adds real value to conference audiences. The delegates came away inspired with ideas and fresh energy to improve their businesses. Janice is a Sage business genius and sales expert." 

Need a Customer Growth Keynote Speaker who..

Energises and focuses on increasing the lifetime value of key customers and accounts? 

Does not spew out the same old sales rhetoric that you have heard for the last 10 years? 

Challenges your audience without undermining their experience. 

Provokes your salespeople to achieve customer growth results that they did not think were possible . 

Provides a versatile modernising framework that your salespeople love working with, delivering customer results. 

Helps your sales professionals to connect the social, customer and revenue dots; providing innovative solutions which previously eluded them? 

Empowers your sales professionals to attract decision makers, shortening lead times and increasing sustainable sales?

Janice B Gordon's Awards

2020 Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Customer Experience Nov 2020

2020: 150 Women B2B Thought Leader to Follow in 2021 listing by Thinker 360

2020: Tide Business 20 female UK entrepreneurs to watch in 2020

2020:   Listed 4th on the Top #SalesGuru January 2020

2018:   Professional Speaking Association 2018 Regional PSA President of the Year.

2017:   Top 100 Global Business Influencer - Sage partnered with influencer marketing specialists Onalytica and OST Marketing for ranking.

2016:   Newham Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business Award: Winner – Micro Business of 2016.

2016:   Newham Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business Award: Highly Commended – E-Business of 2016.

2016:   BeMogul2016 - Awarded  the most influential & inspirational Black Britain’s.

2015:   International Women of Power – Speaker of the Year.

2015:   Docklands Business Club & East London Chamber Business Awards Highly Commended – Digital Impact.

2014:   London Business Awards Finalist - Entrepreneur of the Year.

2013:   Docklands Business Club & East London Chamber Business Awards Highly Commended - Female Entrepreneur of the Year.


Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World Published 2014

"This is a well-written, practical and humane approach to growing a business, full of practical advice and exercises as well as thought-provoking stories and examples.
The 4Ps of Personality, Purpose, Pleasure and Process do a great job of encompassing the emotional and the practical sides of taking a small to the next level. While there's a clear structure to the approach, it's extremely flexible.

The first chapter is called Motivating Thinking into Action, which is good summary of what the book does: provoking thought, and helping you turn it into results.
At its core is a belief in the value of customer service. Janice Gordon is at her best when she's giving examples of transformational businesses: those with the relationship with their customer  at their heart."

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