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Janice B Gordon standing room Confex 2020
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This time last week, I was introducing speakers and fielding questions in the Future Leadership track […]
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Janice B Gordon Why You Need to Know in B2B Sales
Information is not knowledge, to make a decision you do not need more information, you need […]
Janice B Gordon Guest posting thought leadership
I am often asked by sales professional and subject matter experts “how do you build your […]
Janice B Gordon Why Sales Professional Must Utilize Social Selling Techniques
The internet has changed the way we all buy products and services, and this is no […]
Janice B Gordon What Buyers Want from Your Sales Process
When I worked as a financial consultant selling investments and insurance to Companies and individuals, I […]
Janice B Gordon What’s The Transformational Relationship Between Buyer and Seller
I recently spoke to a group of Speaker’s, CEOs and Sellers and asked, “how many love […]
Janice B Gordon Sales Leadership
When I was a sales rep there seemed only one sales playbook. Having worked in financial […]