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"Janice is an excellent speaker with an infectious energy. Her talks combine inspiring and compelling ideas which are based in facts and studies. 

Christopher Stephenson - Business Architect Nationwide Building Society

7 Reasons to Book Janice B Gordon - The Customer Growth Expert

Janice B Gordon Speaking at Confex 2021
  • 1. Reliable and easy to work with, Janice understands what it takes to run a professional event, Janice will be Ready, WHERE you need her to be, WHEN you need her.
  • 2. As an event organiser: you do not just get the value of Janice when she is presenting on the main stage, you get a valuable member of your events team. She helps to clarify your event objectives, and undertakes industry, company, and culture research, to help solve the specific challenges your delegates face. Janice ensures every single word she delivers, supports you in achieving your specific event and business goals.
  • 3. Janice is not just another virtual and live keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and event facilitator. When you book Janice you also gain a marketing partner. She uses her extensive social influence and social media channels to engage your audience and promote her presentation at your event. She is multi award winning Global Business Influencer in 2017 and thought-leader in the CX and Sales space.
  • 4. Janice will follow-up with your sales teams and audiences with key insight video recording or webinars, reminding your delegates to implement the knowledge and new behaviours in their ongoing roles. Her energy is engaging, and her content well worth listening to, Janice surprises audiences with fun, actionable insight. just read her testimonials!
  • 5. Janice is so much more than ticking the cultural diversity box. Janice inspirational presence demonstrates your company’s commitment to diversity. Your delegates will not feel patronised, they will feel included, inspired, and energised that you have engaged with an inspiring speaker and role model, who is relevant to them, their issues, and the business culture.
Janice B Gordon Speaking SKO
  • 6. Janice engages with your whole event; she will not just turn up for her slot and leave. Janice makes herself available for panel discussions and informal Q and As. She can reference the previous delegates experience in her presentation and increase the shared experience and engagement of your event. As an experience MC and facilitator, Janice adds to the professionalism and flow of your event.
  • 7. With over 25 years in business consultancy, sales and customer experience, Janice has a wealth of authoritative business acumen that she makes easily relevant for her business audience. Janice is not going to patronise your experienced audiences; she is not going to bore them either. She has worked as a salesperson in financial services for over a decade and has other international business development roles. Janice has built more than one profitable business, from scratch and supported many sales leaders and CEOs to scale their sales.

Short Bio

Janice B Gordon, The Customer Growth Expert, uses her 20+ years business and sales leadership experience to unleash hidden potential and accelerate growth by investing in customer relationships. Her Scale Your Sales framework develops leading-edge capabilities to secure, retain and grow key customer relationships for long-term value and partnership.

Long Bio

Janice B Gordon, known as the Customer Growth Expert, uses her 20+ years business and sales leadership experience to unleash hidden potential and accelerate growth by investing in customer relationships. 

Recommended by LinkedIn Sales as the 15 Innovating Sales Influencers to Follow in 2021. Janice B Gordon is listed as the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Customer Experience (Nov 2020) and 150 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2021. She achieved listing as #4 Top Sales Guru January 2020 and is awarded #25 on Sage Top 100 Global Business Influencer 2017. 

Janice is a multi-award-winning Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator, and author of Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, with recent features in The Sunday Times and Forbes. 

She is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management; Janice develops and delivers bespoke consultancy and education in key account management and leadership development. Working with Janice, one company increased their revenue by $6 million, in less than one year, using some of these strategies. 

Janice is founder of Scale Your Sales framework, the ultimate framework to develop leading-edge capabilities, long term trusted relationships, profitable partnerships, and predictable increasing revenue growth.

Paul Andrews

CEO at 2019

"I was chair of the Grow Kent West Kent Conference at which Janice gave a keynote talk on increasing sales. I thought I was pretty switched on about sales, but I learned some very interesting new information. I have already implemented some of Janice's ideas and reaped the benefit. Janice really does know what she's talking about and delivers, practical, real, useful guidance on the sales process."

Ellie Silson

Global Social Media Community Lead SAGE Group Plc 2016

"Janice is our selected Sage Business Expert and has been for four years. Her tweeting and her blogs have helped Sage Group plc increase outreach, reach new markets and potential customers. Janice has produced many live streams for Sage, for example, at Sage Summit 2016 in Chicago her stream received 387 views. This helped give our brand a personality and showed our followers what you could expect to see visiting the world’s largest gathering of Small and Medium Businesses, where Janice was one of our Keynote speakers."

Nithashi Abubaid

Director Toys2Swap 2018

"I met Janice at an event she was a speaker, and I was impressed with her from the moment I saw her walk in and own the room. Her content was relevant, precise and to the point, and seeped in humour. She had no trouble keeping her audience engaged. She made it easy to relate to her, while being very inspirational. I look forward to seeing her and listening to her speak for many more years to come!"

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 Created for CEOs, sales leaders and customer serving professionals, to help grow customers and the business, join lively guest conversations on customer experiences, strategic revenue growth and modern sales know-how.

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