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Janice B Gordon standing room Confex 2020
Share 0 Tweet 0 Share 0 I’m honoured to be a keynote presenter helping event professionals […]
This time last week, I was introducing speakers and fielding questions in the Future Leadership track […]
Janice B Gordon Why You Need to Know in B2B Sales
Information is not knowledge, to make a decision you do not need more information, you need […]
Janice B Gordon Why Sales Professional Must Utilize Social Selling Techniques
The internet has changed the way we all buy products and services, and this is no […]
Janice B Gordon What’s The Transformational Relationship Between Buyer and Seller
I recently spoke to a group of Speaker’s, CEOs and Sellers and asked, “how many love […]
Janice B Gordon Motivational Mindset Sales Process
Today, social (that’s networks, platforms, selling) is a critical part of any sales process. I know it’s another thing to do, however, your buyers are already doing it. If your sales team have the wrong attitude towards what is a present day essential go-to-market strategy, then you have already lost the sale.
Janice B Gordon Attraction Strategies
The Military enters new markets first on social before they step foot on the ground (my source is Timothy Hughes). Do you think your first point of contact with an unfamiliar connection should be through social engagement? If the Special Air Service (SAS) is engaging on LinkedIn, so should you be?