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Janice B Gordon standing room Confex 2020
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Janice B Gordon Guest posting thought leadership
I am often asked by sales professional and subject matter experts “how do you build your […]
Janice B Gordon Why Sales Professional Must Utilize Social Selling Techniques
The internet has changed the way we all buy products and services, and this is no […]
Janice B Gordon Multichannel B2B Relationships
72% of consumers say they would prefer to connect with brands and businesses across multiple channels. Companies must take a step outside the traditional sales and marketing funnels towards an integrated approach. Capturing interest and conducting conversations on multiple channels that sales reps can further engage and accelerate the relationship forward.
Janice B Gordon Self Awareness
Buyers are savvier than ever and able to cherry pick companies, brands, products and services from among the many global competitors vying for their custom. Salespeople have to their super-powers and not their kryptonite. One super-power is understanding how you come across to potential buyers and existing customers. Another is being able to adapt to your buyers and customers preference and remain authentic!
Janice B Gordon Motivational Mindset Sales Process
Today, social (that’s networks, platforms, selling) is a critical part of any sales process. I know it’s another thing to do, however, your buyers are already doing it. If your sales team have the wrong attitude towards what is a present day essential go-to-market strategy, then you have already lost the sale.