10 Reasons to Book Janice B Gordon - The Customer Growth Expert

1.    Reliable and easy to work withJanice understands what it takes to run a professional event, she’ll be where you need her to be WHEN you need her.

2.    As an event organiser: you don’t just get the value of Janice when she’s presenting on the main stage, you get a valuable member of your events teamShe helps to clarify your event objectives, and undertakes industry, company and culture research, to help solve the specific challenges your delegates face. Janice ensures every single word she delivers, supports you in achieving your specific event and business goals.

3.    Janice isn’t just a virtual keynote speaker, presenter and trainer - When you book Janice you also gain a marketing partner She uses her extensive and influential social media channels to publicise your event, highlighting your business as leading the best practice of tomorrow (or whichever aspect you want her to emphasise). She was awarded the title of #25 of #SageTop100 Global Business Influencer in 2017. 

Janice B Gordon Strategic Accounts Sales Speaker

4.    As your remote keynote speaker, she creates engaging promotional sales videos for your delegates, showcasing what to expect from the event, building enthusiasm for your event and encouraging even more bookings.  She follows up with live Tweeting and video recording on the day emphasising key learning and outcomes. Janice will follow-up with your sales teams and audiences with key insight video recording or webinars, reminding your delegates to implement the knowledge and new behaviours in their ongoing roles. 

5.    Janice is so much more than ticking the cultural diversity box. Janice inspirational presence demonstrates your company’s commitment to diversity. Your delegates will not feel patronised, they will feel included, inspired, and energised that you’ve engaged with a inspiring speaker who is relevant to them, their issues and the business culture.  

6.    Janice is not your usual Sales Speaker  Let's face it audience are tired of hearing from and seeing the same old faces. Janice has work internally and travelled extensively, her culturally sensitive and no non-sense perspective provides a hugely valuable resource in ethnic and gender diversity. Audiences grow in confidence all because you’ve provided them access to a relevant role models they can engage with and relate to. This simple decision can have a profound impact on your company culture.

Janice B Gordon Keynote strategic Account Sales Speaker

7.    Janice engages with your whole event; she won’t just turn up for her slot and leave. Janice makes herself available for panel discussions and informal Q and As. She can reference the previous delegates experience in her presentation and increase the shared experience and engagement of your event. As an experience MC, Janice adds to the professionalism and flow of your event.

8.    Janice’s stage presence is one of a Superstar, but offstage she encourages delegates to engage and get even more value from her off stage. Delegates find Janice easy to approach for situational specific input, she is personable, informative and friendly. It is import to Janice that delegates come away feeling valued, and excited about implementing their knowledge to scale their sales.

9.    With over 25 years in business consultancy, sales and customer experience, Janice has a wealth of authoritative business acumen that she makes easily relevant for her business audience. Janice is not going to patronise your experienced audiences; she is not going to bore them either.  She’s worked as a salesperson in financial services for over a decade and had other international business development roles . Janice has built more than one profitable business, from scratch and supported many sales leaders to scale their sales..

Janice B Gordon Strategic Account Keynote Sales Speaker

10.    Janice brings something new and different for your usual sales organisation. Having been bored to death in the last, Janice surprises audiences with fun, actionable insight. Her energy is engaging, and her content well worth listening to - just read her testimonials!

Paul Andrews

I've already implemented some of Janice's ideas and reaped the benefit

"I was chair of the Grow Kent West Kent Conference at which Janice gave a keynote talk on increasing sales . I thought I was pretty switched on about sales but I learned some very interesting new information and had some stuff I knew emphasised. I've already implemented some of Janice's ideas and reaped the benefit. Janice really does know what she's talking about and delivers, practical, real, useful guidance on the sales process."

Paul Andrews  - CEO at Jobsinkent.com 2019

Ellie Silson

Janice was one of our keynote speakers Chicago Sage Summit , she is a global social influencer. 

"Janice is our selected Sage Business Expert and has been for four years. Her tweeting and her blogs have helped Sage Group plc increase outreach, reach new markets and potential customers. Janice has produced many live streams for Sage, for example; at Sage Summit 2016 in Chicago her stream received 387 views. This helped give our brand a personality and showed our followers what you could expect to see visiting the world’s largest gathering of Small and Medium Businesses, where Janice was one of our Keynote speakers. https://www.sage.com/sage-summit

The blogs Janice writes offers our audience advice in sales and business strategy. Janice has a large following on social, with 13k followers on Twitter plus other channels. We can guarantee that her blogs will be shared with a wide audience on both her and our channels. We have loved working with Janice B Gordon. We really appreciate Janice’s hard work here at Sage, and how she always manages to take it to the next level and always delivers great pieces of content."

Ellie Silson - Global Social Media Community Lead SAGE Group Plc 2016

Short and Long Bio's

Short Bio 

Janice B Gordon, The Customer Growth Expert, uses her 20+ years business and sales leadership experience to unleash hidden potential and accelerate growth by investing in customer relationships. Her Scale Your Sales framework develops leading-edge capabilities to secure, retain and grow key customer relationships for long-term value and partnership.

Long Bio 

Janice B Gordon, known as the Customer Growth Expert, uses her 20+ years business and sales leadership experience to unleash hidden potential and accelerate growth by investing in customer relationships.

She is author of Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World. Awarded #25 on Sage Top 100 Global Business Influencer 2017 and achieved global listing as #4 Top Sales Guru January 2020. A multi-award-winning entrepreneur and keynote speaker with recent features in The Sunday Times and Forbes.

Janice has over 8 years of academic research, 30 years in business, created 100's of happy customers, 100,000 inspired audiences and 400,000 insightful words published.

She is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management; Janice develops and delivers bespoke consultancy and education in key account management and social selling. Working with Janice, one company increased their revenue by as much as $6 million, in less than one year, using some of these strategies.

Janice is founder of Scale Your Sales framework, the ultimate framework to develop leading-edge capabilities, trusted relationships, and profitable partnerships to create predictable increasing revenue growth.

Vee Roberts

Janice gripped the audience within minutes, she is able to explain complex concepts in simple jargon-free terms

"Janice is lovely to work with and is an open and honest individual who is very proactive in her approach as a professional speaker, Janice is excellent and knows how to keep an audience engaged. Janice was a Keynote Speaker at one of The Global Entrepreneurship week’s events and offered a great deal of useful advice in terms of business growth. Janice is a people person, very down to Earth and able to explain the most complex of definitions into simple terms. This perhaps is what separates Janice from other speakers - her straightforward 'jargon free' approachAt a recent event I organised, Janice received lots of excellent feedback. Many said she gave lots of useful tips and advice. "I was gripped within the first 3 minutes" said Adele Davies, an attendee. I would definitely recommend Janice and hope to work with her again soon on future projects."

Vee Roberts - Insight2Marketing and Event Organiser 2015

Media appearances

Interviewed Sky News: Business Influencer talking about BREXIT

Keynote Speaker Recruitment Association: Leading for Growth

The Taxman Target feature in The Sunday Times

How to Stay Motivated and Productive feature in Forbes

Vodafone - Your Ready Business: Social Media For Business 

Sage Advice Podcast: How to Get Found By Your Ideal Customer 

Bjorn Haynes give Janice B Gordon Testimonial

Janice backs-up charismatic and transparent 'self' leading skills to engage decision-makers with personal stories  

"I have everything positive to say about Janice B Gordon. I was an attendee at the May 2018 Grow Bromley event where Janice was one of the Keynote Speakers. Janice delivered an engaging, entertaining and informative talk which not only inspired confidence and self-worth, but also provided some valuable nuggets of information for the business delegates. Promoting a charismatic and transparent 'self' leading skills to engage decision-makers, which she backed with stories of personal experience. Janice brought her listeners to a level where they could relate to the circumstances described, not just learn from it.

Janice was also good enough to take time to talk to attendees after the event which showed her willingness to deliver as much value to the listener as possible. Janice has inspired me eliminate the structure and mundane presence that is standard in my industry sector for my uniqueness. From Janice’s interaction, I have been able to implement her tools that will help to further my business opportunities, increase my visibility, delivery of knowledge and expertise."

Bjorn Haynes - Director Spicemasher Process Management Ltd 2018

Photos of Janice B Gordon for media and marketing use 


Nithashi (Thassim) Abubaid give Janice B Gordon testimonial

Janice walked in, and own the room.

"I met Janice at an event she was a speaker, and I was impressed with her from the moment I saw her walk in, and own the room. Her content was relevant, precise and to the point, and seeped in humour.
She had no trouble keeping her audience engaged. She made it easy to relate to her, while being very inspirational. I look forward to seeing her, and listening to her speak for many more years to come!"

Nithashi Abubaid  - Director Toys2Swap 2018