Janice B Gordon standing room Confex 2020

I’m honoured to be a keynote presenter helping event professionals to Supercharge Their Business Through the Art of Social Selling.

Confex International is the UK’s leading exhibition for event organisers with over 300 market-leading exhibitors, 100 other thought-leading speakers and over 7700 event professionals visiting over two days on 25 – 26 February at ExCeL London.

I could not have asked for a better response. It was standing room only with over 250 in the audience.

This was my initial post following my keynote presentation; the image was posted across my channels, which has received over 2000 views, 50 like and 15 comments.Janice B Gordon Confex Post keynote post

In my presentation, I talked about the three drivers of change impacting the way we communicate in the business social environment:

1. Mobile
2. Workforce
3. Communication

I presented what Social Selling is Not – selling directly. My definition of social selling is:
Finding relevant people to create opportunities to have relevant conversations.
The critical thing here is RELEVANT! The better you are at understanding all about who is a relevant customer and buyer or influencer, then the higher your success rate in providing the right service and positively impacting your revenues and profits.

My presentation elaborated on these six easy and effective strategies to supercharge your social engagement and increase revenue conservatively by 20%?

1. 80/20 your Most Valued Customers
2. Get Found by key customers
3. Build your Personal Profile
4. Connect and Engage
5. Educate to Add Value
6. Create Customer Strategic Growth Plan

I challenged the audience not to be left on the shelf and to try at least one strategy and to let me know the response in 10 days. Many also took up my offer to have a free copy of my next book.

These six strategies are from the Scale Your Sales framework. They are strategies I use with sales leaders and their teams to help them gain relevant attention, create outbound conversations and opportunities with relevant customers, buyers and influencers.
Talking here about social selling; I encouraged the delegates to support Confex International and share their views on my presentation or any other Confex activity on social media.

Here is a delegate post from Instagram:


“Just had an amazing lesson in social selling from @janicebgordon at @intlconfex. It’s always great to take the opportunity to learn and adapt, to hear about ways we ought to be changing with the times. And she had the BEST jacket :)”from Instagram planetgolddecor my presentation at ConfexFrom Twitter:

Marco Rossi comments of Janice B Gordon presentation Confex

I estimate the social engagement from my initiative post together with the delegates accounted for over responses 150 likes, 40 comments and several shares across the channels.Rachel Gregory post about Janice B Gordon Keynote

Rachel Gregory won a copy of my book Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, for her engaging post.Rachel Gregory winner of my book Business Evolution

Confex had one of the best event apps that I have used, and I was able to LinkedIn with many of my keynote delegates who continued to send positive comments and testimonials:

William Smith – European Sales Manager at Rocketbook at Atlantic Access

“I attended Janice’s “Social Selling” seminar at the 2020 International Confex trade show. Janice’s talk was one of my favourites of the day and gave me some great sales ideas. There was lots of information about using LinkedIn for sales and how to produce content that will get engagement from your customers and be useful to them. As a result of the talk, I have been thinking about how I utilise social media, and I will be trying out some new ideas and strategies.”

Jessica Meunier – Director at Eventide Limited

“Janice’s presentation, as well as her great personality, were truly inspiring. It’s only been a few days, and her good advice has already started to make a change in our business and how we will achieve our goals. We are now spending more time connecting with our target venues each day. I’ve not been very good at social media until I realised its importance this week during her talk. This made a huge change in my attitude towards social selling.”

From LinkedIn:

Caroline Charles

“Hi Janice, I wanted to say a big thank you for the talk you gave on Tuesday at Confex. It was my first time attending, and your talk really stood out. I gained so many tips that I hope to apply in my work, particularly around LinkedIn! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the event. Best, Caroline”

Evie Pettit:

“Hi Janice, I really enjoyed the session, particularly the point you made about how consumers like to find things themselves rather than be found and sold to, that’s a great perspective to keep in mind. Lots of other great takeaways as well – spinning plates and planning. All great stuff! Thanks”

Kelly Rowland:

“Great presentation by Janice B Gordon – Customer Growth Expert ScaleYourSales at International Confex today. Some new social selling tips to take away, including creating my customer strategic growth plan. #confex2020 #socialselling#eventprofsuk”

I reposted @Leniohospitality Twitter recommendation on to LinkedIn:Testimonial from LenioHospitality Confex delegate

I closed my presentation with opportunities are increasingly available online. You must engage if you want to attract relevant attention from your customers, buyers, and influencers. Develop a customer strategic social growth plan that attracts, engages and educates your most relevant customers into conversations to buy you, your products and ultimately scale your sales.

Looking for a professional speaker to educate and engage your audience contact Janice B Gordon

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