I delivered a presentation on Saturday on How to Develop Your Influencer Status as a Speaker and Expert, so you attract more of the opportunities you want.

It is not good enough just to be found you must be considered able to influence an audience as a credible and trusted expert.

Influencer marketing is growing in significance currently worth $10 billion. The social world, through social media platforms, is where this influence is measured and gained – more now than ever. In the new normal most people will first meet you online and evaluate your credibility and significance in the virtual space.

Top Rank Marketing defines influencer marketing as “activating internal and industry experts with engaged networks to co-create content of mutual value, and achieve measurable business goals.”

In the presentation, I showed participants how, as a minor influencer myself, influencer marketing works and how you can leverage your expert profile to become an influencer of significance in your chosen area.

The presentation showed the hacks of how to manage your profile to influence and:

  • Attract the attention you want.
  • Become a ranked and significant as an influencer.
  • Build your expert status online.

Janice B Gordon speaking at Unleash in Paris

I am Janice B Gordon, the Customer Growth Expert, founder of Scale Your Sales and author of Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World. A multi-award-winning entrepreneur and keynote speaker with recent features in The Sunday Times and Forbes, awarded #25 of Sage Top 100 Global Business Influencer.


Here are some of the recent presentation feedback comments:

“Thank you, Janice – very useful talk, packed with relevant content.”

“Janice’s presentation is one of the big reasons I come to PSA – topics that had never occurred to me that can add value to my business. From Kylie Jenner (eh? Who?) to a bit of an action plan in 20 minutes. Brill.”

“A fantastic and insightful talk.”

“Thank you, Janice – great content :-)”

“This is such a valuable presentation!”

“Thank you, Janice, brilliant, I’m inspired :)”


Here are the summary answers to questions following the Developing Your Influencer Expert Status presentation:

How do we get analysis like that done for ourselves?

Onalytica works with big brands. You will not get this information in one place. However, I have provided a selection of tools (below) to help you do much of the research yourself.


Janice B Gordon 25 Top 100 Business Influencer


Do you have to work for Sage to be on these metrics?

No, only the former CEO, Stephen Kelly, Stella Holman and I made it into the top 100 Onalytica ranking. It was Heather Townsend who told me I was on the list. However, being a Sage Business Expert (independent Influencer) helped me get access to the metrics.


How useful has your podcast been for increasing your influencer status?

Scale Your Sales Podcast has been useful in gaining access to other influencers. It is a positioning tool for my expert status. An influencer will look you up and decide if your profile is credible. A podcast is like authoring a book in terms of giving you influencing status.

However, like writing a book, a podcast is a lot of work even if you decide to pay someone to research, book guest, edit content, post and promote your episodes. I now get agency approaches wanting me to interview their experts.

Janice B Gordon Influencer Pexel Photo by Prateek Katyal


How are you benefiting from your influencer status?

I get approached by brands through marketing agencies that want me to create and share content about their brand or product. I say NO to more offers than YES, do not forget it takes time and effort. It must be mutually beneficial, sometimes I get physical benefits, or profile building opportunities and other times monetary payment, or a combination.

In 2020:

  • I am listed Tide Top 20 Female Entrepreneur to Watch in 2020, no money but expert positioning and backlink.
  • Multinational hardware and electronic brand offered a laptop and payment.
  • I said No to a software brand campaign because they were not offering enough for my effort.


What is the business model for an influencer, and how do you leverage it?

I see leveraging your (Nano, Micro and Macro) influencer status like writing a book. It is not the central part of your business. It will not make you wealthy unless it is your full-time passion; however, if you have a good book or a good influencer status, both will help you to gain opportunities.

As hard as it is to directly measure how many more opportunities you advance through your book, so it is, with your influencer status. However, all the methods and hacks to enhance your expert influencer status will also improve your business.

Whether a brand is looking for an influencer or an event booker is looking for a speaker or a client is looking for a supplier, what you do to enhance your expert influencer status is value-added to your business.

Janice B Gordon Influencer Marketing

How do you select your keywords?

I did not go into this detail as the answer is at least an hour training and another presentation.

If focusing on one thing what would be the most useful thing?

Knowing your market, competitors and customers – do your keywords research, then you can start to develop your influencer strategy on your preferred platform.


The Alternative Tools

  • Commun.it helps you discover influencers those most engaged and high-value mentions. Get suggestions on top tweeters and influencers to follow. See who is behind the tweet, your history with them and hashtags they have used.
  • Zoho Social makes it easy to tag and interact with influencers on social media.
  • Influence.co A tool that helps you easily find and connect with influencers.
  • Ubersuggest One of the features that Ubersuggest brings is the suggestion of similar words with it, it can do an in-depth analysis and even question if the keyword you have used is correct enough to deliver financial returns.
  • Followerwonk Sort followers for your own Twitter accounts and competitors what I like about this is that you can see each social authority ranking.
  • Buzzsumo Use our content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your performance and identify influencers.
  • Kred used to identify Influencers in their market.
  • SemRush Keyword search tool that can help you identify competitor keywords.


Post COVID19

I do not see why, when the new normal settles, influencer marketing will not continue to accelerate.

Influencer marketing delivers approximately six times return on investment for brands. Social media is the quickest way to build brand awareness, to influence and to show your expertise. You may not get on a first-class seat on a plane as much as before; however, more and more in this socially connected world, your influence denotes your value.

Janice B Gordon Speaking at PSA South East

The Initial Results

One participant messaged me that after my presentation that they thought of their business differently and revised their keywords and improved their generic search position by 78%. This means, for specific search terms their bookers and buyers would use the participant comes near the top of the search results.

In my presentation on Social Selling, I talk about why it is more important to get found than to find and engage your ideal clients.

What an amazing result!

If you would like to book me to deliver a presentation to your team or delegates please contact me.

Thank you 😊

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