The Scale Your Sales Framework

The Scale Your Sales framework supercharges your sales organisation to be customer-led in a post COVID world.

Helping to solve your most significant customer challenges.

Creating customer experiences helping your whole company move customers forward.

Increasing predictable sales revenues.

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Hakim Tamimi-Marino testimonial for Janice B Gordon

Thanks to Janice managed to excel in my performance as a marketeer and analyst

"Janice delivered the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development sales and marketing programme and thanks to her I manged to excel in my performance as a marketeer and analyst. Janice's approach is serious yet fun and industry related and tailored to your requirements. Janice goes the extra mile to make sure you get the point and also goes out of her way to help you in your work related topics. Thank you Janice ;)"

Hakin Tamimi-Marino  -Department Head at Jordan Tourist Board

Clients engage Janice to deliver a keynote speech and multiple breakout sessions at the same conference. This will maximize your budget and reinforce a consistent message.

Embed the learning with a lunch and learn, a sales kick-off day, masterclass seminar and workshop. 

Clients engage Janice directly to develop strategic customer development plans and bespoke programmes of learning to target specific needs.  

The Scale Your Sales Framework helps account-based and sales teams develop trusted relationships and grow profitable partnerships to create predictable increasing sales.

When you work with Janice B Gordon, she will tailor the presentation and practice to your unique circumstance.

Select the programme that suits your requirements or Contact for a consultation:

Scale Your Sales enables your sales team to understand your buyer’s perspective, get on the buyer’s shortlist and build strong partnerships with your strategic customers.”

We help you to attract the right buyers and decision-makers, to build long-term strategic partnerships, and to increase lifetime customer value. Read more

Your quarterly and annual kick-off sales meetings are great opportunities to develop your teams’ skills for the latest insights and practical useable strategies. 

Janice help you gain productivity strengths and will give your team the motivation and relationship building strategies to help them go further and faster. 

Scale Your Sales Consultancy and Advisory service will help you nurture profitable customer opportunities. 

Scale Your Sales account-based sales enablement strategies will accelerate new relationships and create partnerships of existing relationships. Read more  

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Kick- off Sales Days Seminar Consultations Masterclass Tr
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Janice's tenacity and attention to detail is second to none

"I have known and worked with Janice for the last couple of years in the Professional Speaking Association and she gets things done! And she gets them done professionally, on time and comprehensively. She has a tenacity and attention to detail which is second to none and is a great team leader, not only getting everyone in a team to take on tasks and work together but also in giving credit and encouraging team members at all times. A brilliant professional and, more importantly, a nice person!"

David Henson  - The Slide Presentation Man

Are you a CEO or Sales Leader working through sales growth challenges like these?

  1.   Lack of customer clarity, focus and engagement.
  2.   Challenges to engage with customers, buyers and meeting senior decision-makers.
  3.   Under-performance with low sales productivity and unpredictable revenues.
  4.   Competitors are gaining strength in winning more contracts and taking a higher market share.
  5.   Difficulties negotiating the social revolution with the growing power of buyers.
  6.   Challenged to modernise and implement social selling into your sales and marketing process.

Janice loves to work with clients on an on-going basis, so her insights become part of your DNA.

With over 25 years of sales and business experience, Janice will bring new energy and focus to your sales operation to Scale Your Sales. Contact Janice to inspire your teams for the new post COVID sales era.

Farah Harmam testimonial for Janice B Gordon

Sales and Marketing Masterclass had a profound effect on our business, Jordan

"What we learned with Janice in the Sales and Marketing Masterclass had a profound effect on all of us at Better Business, Jordan. We are already working on ways to incorporate what we learned into our business and are applying it everyday to help us establish our unique difference and competitive advantage. Thank you Janice

Farah Harmam  - Senior Media and Communications Officer at Generations For Peace, Jordan