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The Customer Growth Expert

Janice B Gordon, The Customer Growth Expert: an engaging speaker, facilitator, and presenter.

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Scale Your Sales Keynotes

Why, What & How to Growth Hack Your Best Customers

In today’s challenging B2B sales environment, a commercial strategy focused on acquisition rather than on retention of existing customers is a flawed strategy. 

This keynote will explore Why, What and How to growth hack your most valued customers for the most profitable and productive results as we come out of COVID-19: 

· Recognise your most valued customers. 

· Measuring for productive growth. 

· Making it easy for accelerated results. 

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the chance of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20%. CEO’s and Sales Leaders not focused on the greatest gains and the most significant profit and filtering away valuable resources.

Masterclass delivered by Janice B Gordon Strategic Account Sales

eCommerce is the New Retail

COVID19 is an opportunity to reposition your customer offer for the online world. To future proof your revenue you must create a campaign of dedicated fans and followers. eCommerce is the new retail. 

In this keynote presentation, Janice B Gordon will challenge you to rethink the purpose of your retail sales and: 

· Why Brand and Influence Matters 

· What your Customers will Experience 

· What your Engage, Educate and Elevate Strategy must be?


We all know the devastating impact the pandemic has had on Retail worldwide. I will show the key trends and what you need to do to take advantage of the massive opportunities that this time presents.

The Art of Social Selling to Scale Your Sale

The future of sales: You have difficulties negotiating the social revolution with the growing power of buyers. You are challenged to implement a social selling strategy in your sales and marketing process - that works! 

This keynote helps CEO’s Sellers and Sales Professionals use social media to optimise their buyer and customer relationships: 

· Understand how buyer behaviours are driving the future of sales. 

· What social selling is and is not! 

· Tips and tools to help your sellers think like a buyer and not a typical seller, in their social engagement. 

· How utilise social selling as the key to access modern day communication with prospective and existing customers, influencers and thought leaders. 

Social selling gives a nuanced and personal approach to the art of selling and relationship management. This keynote will show you the how to avoid the rabbit warrens that lead you up the garden path and gives you clear strategies to harness social selling.

Janice B Gordon standing room Confex 2020

If No One Knows You, Guess What?

As a minor influencer herself, Janice B Gordon will show why building and leveraging your influencer status is critical in the internal and external business environment. She will show you how influencer marketing works and why you must leverage your expert profile to become an influencer of significance for your customers to know, like, trust and buy, your products.

This keynote presentation helps Sales Leader, CEO or Thought Leaders and Experts understand how to build and leverage their profile to influence and: 

· Attract the attention they want. 

· Become a ranked and significant influencer. 

· Build their expert status online. 

Influencer marketing is growing in significance and social media networks are where this influence is measured, gained, and leveraged.

Tailor Made Keynotes for your Business and Conference

Janice B Gordon excels at creating tailor-made keynotes, facilitation and presentations that speaks to your specific business needs. Why have a tailored keynote or presentation one which drives home your business goals, rather than the usual sales generic babble?

Eamonn O'Brien

Corporate Storytelling Specialist Executive Speaker Coach: Helping Leaders to Speak Memorably 2019

“I recently saw Janice give an awesome and wonderfully engaging talk on why B2B business decision makers need to think differently about how to win influence and sell in era where the rules of attraction and decision making have changed (forever). Janice knows what she is talking about, walks her own talk and is 100% right about why leaders need to stop wasting time and effort on traditional selling methods that simply do not work and take a different tack to scale their sales today. Bravo Janice. Highly recommended.

Meryl (Pritchard) Gilbert

Executive Coach 2019

“Her passion and enthusiasm for her subject matter - Scale Your Sales was quite simply contagious. The energy levels in the room were noticeably notches higher. What a great and inspirational speaker, Janice does not just know her subject, she loves it. There is a difference between good and great speakers, and for me the difference is passion. Passion for the why, what, and how they do what they do, and if you get a chance to see Janice speak, I am sure you will agree with me, that Janice has this in abundance. I worked in sales as a sales leader for many years and 

would have welcomed the opportunity to have worked with someone like Janice, she understands the challenges sales professionals face, but she also has a solution that leads the way to change.”

Carole Black

Event Organiser: Business Growth | South East Construction Expo | Digital Conference 2019

"Janice is a brilliant speaker that engages with the audience right from the start. Her passion shines through and I would highly recommend Janice to always deliver not your usual sales strategy talk. Janice is also a really lovely person and really cares about doing a great job and tailoring her talk to your audience. I highly recommend Janice."

Some Past Speaking Events

November 2020: Sales Innovation Virtual Expo - Growth Hack Your Best Customers in a COVID World.

October 2020: PSA Speaking Business Summit - Showcasing Experience to Maximise Opportunities with Clients -Interactive main stage virtual keynote.

June 2020: Virtualized - eCommerce is the new retail.: To future proof your revenue you must create a campaign of dedicated fans and followers.

February 2020: Confex International Supercharge Your Business Through the Art of Social Selling.


October 2019: UNLEASH World Conference & Expo Paris MC and Speaker - Developing 4th Industrial Age Decision-Makers.

June 2019: Women in Sales Summit - The Art of Social Selling. July 2016: Sage Summit Chicago - Business speaker and mentor.

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