I did think four years ago with what I experience of the conference then, that I did not belong in this Speaking Association, however, Barnaby Wynter told me to stick with it. You have got to keep going to become a part of something.

Inspire 2019 was my 4th Professional Speaking Association (PSA) conference, and I wanted to share some of the messages from this years’ conference that resonated with me and share other insights that I will take forward in my business.

No one is your competitor – everyone is a potential collaborator.

The more to give – the more you get back.

What I now love about the PSAUK is that you meet many people who genuinely want to help and support; with all the shitty things happening in the world, you must find like-minded communities like this.

PSA Keynote Speakers

The Insights

You have got to work smart because time is never on your side, get advice, find the influencers and learn the hacks, a message from Terry Brock, Saturday’s opening keynote speaker.

This summer, I had two French Master digital marketing student interns working for me. Listening to Terry Brook, I was happy to see that the process my team created is aligned to Terry’s recommendations. Rather than write content you like, research what your audience is looking for.

My team and I used SEMrush (you get five free searches) and Ubersuggest (everything that Neil Patel produces in on the money – so worth following).

My team created content (see my YouTube Channel) that had a particular purpose and led the audience to a specific page on my website.

Digital Marketing is an essential area of business that is constantly changing that there was so much to learn and take away from Terry Brook’s presentation, who is always pushing the digital envelope.

Cathy O'Dowd

Cathy O’Dowd was masterful in the way she engaged the audience with poll voting. Throughout her story of climbing the world highest mountains and particularly Nanga Parbat, she linked how she takes her messages into corporate leadership. Cathy’s presentation was a seamless masterclass in presentation skills.

Tim Gard is the loveliest and funniest man alive. I am wearing my brain cleaner as I write, and it has helped clear the conference fog. 

Brain clean Tim Gard recommendation

Tim’s message, use humour around familiar context, find a real story and make it funnier and vet your material in the culture that you are delivering it.

I like that Tim has an attitude to see funny in everything ordinary. I have taken forward BUMMER (put your hand on your brow) and WHOOPEE (palms up, arms at your side) as Tim said, it is up to you if you say it out loud or in your head😊 Whatever you do the acknowledgement releases the tension or expresses the joy. Most importantly, you are looking to have FUN, always! 

I meet Richard McCann at my first PSA London event and read his book Just A Boy. I liked his honesty; well he is a Northerner what’s not to like. Check out Richard excellent #444Books Just A Man campaign: In memory of his mother Wilma McCann who died 44 years ago on Week 44 of 1975. Her killer lived at No 44 the night he killed her. #444Books 44 books in 10 cities and 4 extra books in Leeds (1 for each of her 4 children).

Richards’ ‘show and tell’ on the experts’ table on how he grew his following on LinkedIn in two years by not posting business Jaw-DRopping Moments (and he has had a few) but by being human and posting something human every day. The gurus would tell you not to put Facebook-type posts on LinkedIn – well, Richard has defied this and gained many bookings from his strategy. Richards strategy has got me to review my LinkedIn strategy!

Richards message was highlighted further by Paul McGee powerful message of Show REAL and checking yourself with the question “on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being death, how important is it? Lighten-up. Pauls presentation was a perfect balance of insight, real story and emotion – brilliant!

Paul McGee

I loved Michelle Mills-Porter personal story, which had people in the audience in tears.

I wanted to profile more women speakers who were plentiful at PSA Inspire; however, the point of this article is to share my takeaways that my business audience will gain value from.

Other Takeaways Include:

Measure what you are booking rather than what you are delivering. Steve Bustin

You must be easy to book, flexible work with and able to explain what you do in one easy sentence. Maria Franzoni

Your business is to niche and niche again. Heather Townsend

Continually evaluate what you do with WIN: what went well, what can I improve, and what was notable? David McQueen

You are not an actor; you are a marketer; your business is to sell or get booked. https://leejackson.org/

A book recommendation for all entrepreneurs and business leaders was: Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine 

PSA community of professional speakers

 Thank you, Barnaby, I am glad I stuck with it. I have shared lots of giggles and a few hugs and many great conversations with excellent speakers. I have met many international speakers; I have had genuine offers of support and happily volunteer my time. It is a community I would recommend to other speakers, trainers, authors consultants and coaches.

No one is your competitor – everyone is a potential collaborator.

The more to give – the more you get back.

Contact me if you would like to know more. 😊

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