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Janice works with CEO, Sales Leaders and their teams; helping them to overcome retention challenges and grow profitable partnerships to consistently boost key customer outcomes and revenue results. 

Janice B Gordon delivers world-class virtual or live keynotes, sales kickoff, masterclass workshop presentation and consultancy. 

Many engagements start with a focused client presentation or keynote, and then we consult on the particular and immediate needs we aim to gain quick wins and then work on the transformational customer-focused operational transformation. 

Even after only 9 months of working with this global client, their sales revenue increased by 100%, an excess $6 million, this then led to tangible operational shift in their sales and customer practice.

Nadeem Joshua

D. Head Advertisin, Arena Holding, South Africa (2021).

”Janice B Gordon was able to connect with the team via zoom, which added to how the presentation was received by approximately 80 sales prefessionals present and engaged. Scale Your Sales was what the team needed, the presentation was refreshing during this time when all the pressure is on our sales teams to deliver the numbers. Janice made it practical and it resonated with each and every salesperson. Janice was extremely insightful and I will highly recommend her to any leader wishing to just ignite or revive the spark within your sales team."

Recommended by LinkedIn Sales as the 15 Innovating Sales Influencers to Follow in 2021. Janice B Gordon is listed as the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Customer Experience (Nov 2020) and 150 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2021. She achieved listing as #4 Top Sales Guru January 2020 and is awarded #25 on Sage Top 100 Global Business Influencer 2017. Janice energises, inspires and helps audiences connect the dots to Scale their Sales.

 Sharing her direct business, customer and sales experiences; multi-award winning Janice makes it easy for revenue focused organisations to achieve outstanding results with their customers and accounts. 


Make Change Happen

Janice B Gordon delivers energising, memorable keynotes and virtual presentations that key account sales teams and sales professionals are going to be buzzing about for months.

A driver for sales events is to have a presenter who inspires diversity in sales. Janice doesn’t just speak to the average person; she gets better results because the whole audience is engaged and eager to start working with the Scale Your Sales Framework and deliver better customer outcomes.

A world leading customer growth expert, Janice inspires audiences with real-life business stories and practical strategies. Janice delivers knowledge and insight which CEO's, sales leaders and sales professionals will be able to immediately implement.

Natasha Roston

Natasha Roston

Head of Learning and Development - Trade Finance Global

“Janice, thank you for your energy in hosting (MC) the launch of the OWIT UK organisation. There was a lovely feeling of excitement at this new milestone and what is to come! You led the event so effectively and helped to create not just an inspiring atmosphere and perhaps more importantly, an inclusive one. I would certainly recommend you."

Alexandra Danciu

Bucharest Tech Week - Virtualized

“I reached out to Janice to be our guest speaker for the e-Commerce Track for Virtualized: Retail and e-Commerce in a new impactful era, which happened on the 9th of June. Her speech was very insightful, and she was actively listened by more than 100+ people. She received great feedback and the content was easily adapted for the relevance of the theme. Janice is a wonderful person to work with and I recommend her wholeheartedly for speaking opportunities at future events!”

Melissa Curran

CEO - Modern Mind Group

“Janice presents very well and is passionate about business. Her tips on Social Media were big takeaways for me. I implemented many of them straightaway and moved from 100th ranking to 20th in search functions. still a few more things to implement although happy with the results!”

Some numbers

30 Years' Business Experience

1000s of Happy Customers
100,000of Inspired Audience Members
400,000 Insightful Words Published

What it would be like if

  • Your sales teams consistently exceeded their targets by 20%?
  • Your team were happy, working collaboratively and succeeding despite the global pandemic, technological and economic challenges?  
  • Your salespeople were shown a way to grow your most valued customers, reduce wasted time, AND still exceed sales targets?
  • Your salespeople nurtured customer relationships through excellent experiences, creating higher value long term customer accounts?
  • Your sales team were skilled in building valuable customer relationships, so your customers started selling your company for you?
  • You retained customers, and stopped losing them to your competitors?
  • You could predict increasing sales figures, year on year?
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