Transforming Sales to Consistently Build Key Account Relationships and Revenue

Janice's productivity strategies have energised relationships to increase sales by 20%

Janice B Gordon delivers energising, memorable keynotes that your key account sales teams are going to be buzzing about for months.

A driver for sales events is to have a speaker who inspires diversity, who doesn’t just speak to the average person, but who speaks to a diverse audience and gets better results because your whole team is engaged and eager to start working with the Scale Your Sales system.

A world leading key accounts sales strategist, Janice inspires sales audiences with real-life business stories and strategies. Janice delivers knowledge and insight which your salespeople will be able to immediately implement.

Janice B Gordon and Sir Richard Branson
Graham-Jones-The Internet Psychologist

Not only is Janice a highly competent speaker … but she is clearly knowledgeable 

"When Janice starts speaking you are instantly put at ease. Unlike many speakers where you worry whether they are going to cope or tell you something new, Janice instantly shows you that not only is she a highly competent speaker and presenter but that she is also clearly knowledgeable. Immediately you have the confidence that you can listen and discover something that can help you  and your business. On top of being a clear expert with authority, Janice is just thoroughly positive and warm. On stage, she seems like a really good friend who is trying to help you out simply because she wants to assist you and your business onwards to greater things. Highly recommended.

Graham Jones  -  The Internet Psychologist, CEO Professional Speaking Association 2017

What would it be like if...

Keynote Strategic Account Sales Speaker - Janice B Gordon
  • Your sales teams consistently exceeded their targets by 20%?
  • Your sales people were shown a way to attract more of the most valued customers, reducing wasted time with your costly ones, AND still exceed all your sales targets?
  • Your salespeople started acting more like account managers, nurturing customer relationships, creating higher value long term customer accounts?
  • You could routinely achieve performance increases, saving time and money?
  • Your sales team were skilled in building valuable customer relationships, so your customers started selling your company for you?
  • Your sales team were happy, working collaboratively, secure and able to succeed despite the global, technological and economic challenges?  
  • Buyers were queuing up to buy from your company, and only yours?
  • You retained your sales reps, and stopped losing them to your competitors?
  • You could predict increasing sales figures year on year?

All of this because you’d made the single best decision ever, to invest in a world-class sales keynote speaker resulting in your salespeople being happier and motivated; attracting most the valued customers, so your sales pipeline is continuously full.

Janice delivers Key Account Sales Strategies and Keynotes

Using her 3-by-3 “Scale Your Sales” Motivation, Productivity and Attraction system, Janice works with sales leaders and their team, helping them to overcome sales present-day obstacles and grow profitable partnerships to consistently boost results.

Janice energises, inspires and helps your audience connect the dots to Scale their Sales. By sharing her direct business and sales experiences, multi-award winning Janice makes it easy for people to “get” why she’s achieved her own business successes.

This is the feeling your salespeople get when listening to Janice delivering a keynote - they are motivated and inspired because she makes it easy, so they can’t wait to get started. 

The confusion, frustration and problems your sales team experienced are replaced with energy, clarity and insight, because they have a clear process leading them to your destination (sales targets).

Janice’s keynote helps your salespeople connect the dots; using their existing experience and skills to get much better business results.

Andy Brattesani

​The feedback was great …

"Janice presented at our Head Office to a diverse group of business leaders, all ages and various experience. Feedback was great."

Andy Brattesani ​ -  HSBC ​Area Commercial Director 2015

What would it be like if ...

Another boring presentation
  • You were at your next sales conference and you didn’t feel like falling asleep?
  • The keynote speaker of your sales conference didn’t spew out the same tired old clichés and “inspirational” stories that you’ve heard a thousand times before?

Do you want...

  • To create the best sales conference your audience ever experienced?
  • A speaker who will deliver quality strategic sales insight that inspires your sales delegates to do things differently? 
  • To transform your sales teams to easily build digitally connected key account lasting relationships?
  • To scale your sales?
Janice B Gordon Strategic Account Keynote Sales Speaker 3
Barnaby Wynter

Janice shows her strengths as a keynote speaker, engaging, informative, authentic …

"I recently shared a speaking platform with Janice and the advantage of this is you get up close. To see Janice in action showed her strengths as a keynote speaker: engaging, informative and with the gift of authenticity. All this served her well as she demonstrated her insights into what is the big subject of 'sales' - adding real value to the audience on the day."

Barnaby Wynter  - Business Event Facilitator, Brand Specialist, Author: The Brand Bucket 2018

What's more...

​Years of Academic Research
​Y​ears' Business Experience
of Happy Customers
​o​​f Inspired Audience Members
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