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Janice B Gordon, The Key Account Sales Strategist: an engaging keynote speaker and presenter. Book her for business summit, sales conferences seminar and kick-off sales days.

Carole Black

I would highly recommend Janice to always deliver not your usual sales strategy talk 

"Janice is a brilliant speaker that engages with the audience right from the start. Her passion shines through and I would highly recommend Janice to always deliver not your usual sales strategy talk. Janice is also a really lovely person and really cares about doing a great job and tailoring her talk to your audience. I highly recommend Janice."

Carole Black - Event Organiser: Business Growth | South East Construction Expo | Digital Conference 2019

Scale Your Sales Keynotes

The Art of Social Selling to Scale Your Sales 

Janice B Gordon Strategic Account Sales Speaker

​​The future of sales: You have difficulties negotiating the social revolution with the growing power of buyers. You are challenged to implement a social selling strategy in your sales and marketing process - that works!

This keynote helps CEO’s Sellers and Sales Professionals use social media to harness buyer relationships:

  • Understand how buyer behaviours are driving the future of sales.
  • What social selling is and is not!
  • Tips and tools to help your sellers think like a buyer and not a typical seller, in their social engagement.
  • How social selling is the key to access modern day communication with prospective and existing customers, influencers and thought leaders.

Social selling gives a nuanced and personal approach to the art of selling and relationship management. This keynote will show you the how to avoid the rabbit warrens that lead you up the garden path, and give you clear strategies to harness social selling.

Your sales teams aren’t as motivated as they could be. Worse still, your sales teams are missing their targets and their bonuses, fueling the downward motivation cycle.

This keynote helps your sales reps to:

  • Understand that a lack of sales-awareness is your sales team Kryptonite; this process empowers sales teams to increase their resilience and productivity.  
  • Resilience Youology is the unique method that results in stronger customer relationships. 
  • Analyse and identify your best fit most valued customers groups.
  • Discovery profiling questions to uncover your buyer's most pressing needs and reasons to buy. 

Motivation can be a fluffy subject; some Keynotes make your sales teams feel entertained and energised on the day yet this does not necessarily translate into improved productivity. This one does! Discovery profiling questions are the ingenious tool which uncovers your buyer pressing needs. This tool gives your sales reps the “in” they need to create the winning relationships, blowing your competitors out of the water.

Supercharge Your Teams Sales Resilience and Productivity 

Janice B Gordon Speaking Grow Conference
Vee Roberts

Janice gripped the audience within minutes, she is able to explain complex concepts in simple jargon-free terms

"Janice is lovely to work with and is an open and honest individual who is very proactive in her approach.

As a public speaker, Janice is excellent and knows how to keep an audience engaged. Janice was a Keynote Speaker at one of The Global Entrepreneurship week’s events and offered a great deal of useful advice in terms of business growth.

Janice is a people person, very down to Earth and able to explain the most complex of definitions into simple terms. This perhaps is what separates Janice from other speakers - her straightforward 'jargon free' approach.

At a recent event I organised, Janice received lots of excellent feedback. Many said she gave lots of useful tips and advice. "I was gripped within the first 3 minutes" said Adele Davies, an attendee.

I would definitely recommend Janice and hope to work with her again soon on future projects.

Vee Roberts - Insight2Marketing and Event Organiser 2015

Why Selling Does Not Sell? 

Janice B Gordon Strategic Accounts Sales Speaker

Performance is all about sales and sales is all about relationships. Sellers need to influence decision makers, but decision makers don’t want to hear from sellers. How do your sales teams resolve this conundrum? Influence the influencers and Scale Your Sales.

This keynote helps your sellers to:

  • Understand why today, selling does not sell!
  • Understand how the personality DNA is your DMU buyer attraction.
  • How to Neuromarket your way to decisions you want to hear.
  • Create Scale your Sales Attraction strategies to engage, educate and elevate the strategic relationships into partnerships.

Scale Your Sales helps sales teams to not only engage influencers and buyers but the WHOLE customer decision-making unit. Demonstrating to sales leaders the relevant strategies to build your strategic relationships in to lifetime partnerships

This presentation opens with why diversity and inclusion are the right thing to do in Sales. Janice will share her experience of suffering discrimination and refer to The Deloitte University Leadership Center for Inclusion report, Uncovering Talent, along with The HBR.

Janice will share her example of helping a global sales team to increase revenue by $6 million in less than 9 months.

Ending with the call-it-out situations that the audience has experienced can relate to, giving solution to change the outcome.

Following this keynote, the audience will:

  • Be energised to take action.
  • Learn strategies to ‘Call it out’ and change behaviour.
  • Learn that is it Ok to be ‘you’, your customers and colleagues are ‘you’ too!

In this keynote, Janice B Gordon gets the audience to call and respond ‘Call-it-out’, so it is a great energiser.

Diversity and Inclusion: ‘Call-It-Out!’ 

Janice B Gordon Strategic Accounts Sales Speaker
Eamonn O'Brian

What a breath of fresh air!

“I recently saw Janice give an awesome and wonderfully engaging talk on why B2B business decision makers need to think differently about how to win influence and sell in era where the rules of attraction and decision making have changed (forever). Janice knows what she's talking about, walks her own talk and is 100% right about why leaders need to stop wasting time and effort on traditional selling methods that simply don't work and take a different tack to scale their sales today. Bravo Janice. Highly recommended.”

Eamonn O'Brien - Corporate Storytelling Specialist Executive Speaker Coach: Helping Leaders to Speak Memorably 2019 

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Tailor Made Keynotes for your Business and Conference

Janice B Gordon excels at creating tailor-made keynotes and presentations that speaks to your specific business needs. Why have a keynote to talk about generic sales issues when you can have one which drives home your business goals?

List of Speaking Events

Past Events

27th June 2019: Women in Sales Summit - The Art of Social Selling

19th June 2019: Success Matters Masterclass - The Art of Social Selling For Business

1-2nd May 2019: Accountex London - 6 Way to Scale Your Sales Building Brand

27th-28th March 2019: Sales Innovation Expo - Why Selling Does Not Sell

20th March 2019: Grow Kent Conference - How to Influence Buyers and Scale Your Sales

Future Events

10th September: 2019 Accountex North Accountants Unleash the Power of Your Influence and Brand Personality

19th September 2019: PSA Thames

23rd- 25th September 2019: IRM Business Analysis Conference In a VUCA World: Why Would an Executive Believe a BA?

22nd-23rd Octobe 2019r: UNLEASH World Conference & Expo Paris

James Adeleke

All delegates were enthusiastic about content quality and Janice's accessibility post masterclass

“Our heartfelt thanks for delivering your “Building Relationships to Close the Dealsmasterclass.  Janice not only participated by sharing her expertise with our attendees but also in making herself available during the networking sessions. We had great feedback, all the attendees we spoke to were enthusiastic about the content and the overall quality of the masterclass delivery. We know that this event would not have been as successful as it was without Janice’s contribution.

James Adeleke  - Event Organiser Generation Success FCD Breaking Barriers 2014