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Janice is an engaging keynote speaker, facilitator and broadcaster for business summits, conferences and forums.

Janice conducts thorough pre-event research and delivers keynote presentations bespoke to you, your people and your sector. Only Janice could share her captivating stories and unique blend of insights and tools. Her interactive, fast-paced talks ensure your business is proactively making more sales through building strategic relationships.

One entreprJBG-Speakereneur described “Janice is so full of energy and so engaging you get lost in her eyes as she speaks to you, so open and honest, it was a sheer joy.”

Janice inspires even the cynical to change; her message is practical and includes real case studies from the business frontline.

Janice offers masterclasses and post-course programmes and coaching to help her clients embed the powerful new strategies within your companies.

Janice’s keynote speeches and masterclasses give business leaders, CEO’s, Directors, C-suite Sales and Account Managers the skills and motivation to exceed their goals through strategic account management, relationship building and business growth strategies.

Janice will tailor and craft inspirational and content-rich presentations precisely matched to your objectives and the needs of your organization. Topics include: 

  • Why All Sales Should be Account-Based Sales.
  • Build Relationships to Create the Deal.
  • Why Optimise 80/20 of Key Account Management and Make Strategic Sales.
  • The Strategic Account Social Sales Evolution.
  • Attract Decision Makers and Scale Your Sales
  • Scale Your Sales with Sales Motivation and Sales Productivity
  • Business Evolution: Why the Essential 4Ps Are Essential.
  • What’s Your Impact in The World?

Happy to create bespoke presentations targeted to your audience.

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